Monday, December 9, 2013


For generations, the Army-Navy football game occurred on the first weekend in December. This was a good time slot for the Brigade. It was normally a week after Thanksgiving break. Often the last week of school before finals. For this reason, emails, facebook and You Tube are populated with the latest spirit spots already.

Since the game is now held the second Saturday in December, today is the real start of Army-Navy Week. As it begins, please enjoy this section of The Recipient's Son that describes the meaning behind this game.

"Every Army-Navy game is momentous. Many suggest it remains the last remnant of purity in college football.  Perhaps it is the recognition that the players are only in it only for the game. Many used their skills on the gridiron as a vehicle to get into college, but it was with an ultimate goal of service, not scholarship. Such a choice is fully embraced by the two student bodies, and all alums. Thus, like no other athletic team, the mids and cadets truly represent their respective schools. Then, this extends even beyond the alums as any veteran can lay claim to the game as they see future leaders darting down the field with the ‘Screaming Eagle’ of the 101st Airborne or the ‘Jolly Roger’ of Fighter Squadron 84 sewn on their shoulder, a reminder that those on the field will soon rely on each other in battle.
            The sibling rivalry between young men in such circumstances is simply unequaled."

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