Saturday, May 29, 2010

EOD on 60 Minutes this Sunday

I pass on the following from Jim O'Neil, Executive Director of the EOD Memorial:

Hope all is well with everyone as we slide into the Memorial Day Weekend.

FYSA, CBS News will be airing a special 2 hour Memorial Day "60 Minutes" program that will include some footage of this year's EOD Memorial. As I understand, the primary story is about TF Paladin and the C-IED effort in Afghanistan. There will be footage on some of our EOD warriors as well as the Bagram roadside tribute that used to happen when a U.S Warrior was lost and was being transported to the plane to be flown home. As most of you know, that parctice was stopped last year after a rocket was fired into Bagram during a procession and killed two soldiers. Bastards. This part of the 60 Minutes program is currently scheduled for the first segment at 8:00 PM EST.

As we enjoy this long weekend with our family and friends, please remember to take a moment to reflect upon, and appropriately acknowledge, the sacrifice of those who have gallantly and selflessly stood in harms way to protect our precious and blessed country. It is the least we could do.

Take care friends and warriors.

Jim O'Neil
Executive Director
EOD Memorial Foundation
813-389-0351 cell