Monday, June 1, 2009

Readers comment on Proximity

Cory S. is a sailor interested in the EOD community. He wrote, "Bravo Zulu Sir! I read through your Proximity and I loved it! I’ll be honest, I’m not a reader yet I’ve never moved so fast through a read. Your book is what I’ve been looking for. The EOD community is quite small and thus I’ve had difficulty trying to find information about the type of missions, work environments, etc. I had a good idea but have been always looking for someone to give me an inside look……and truly, your book sealed the deal in that I know the EOD is what I want to do. Combining physical and mental challenges, with an error in any of those areas will cost a life, that’s what I’ve been looking for! When Jazz used his intellect and reasoning to come to the magnet proposal, I thought, 'Wow! Science and explosives to save the day…has me written all over it!' HOOYAH!"

Thanks, Cory...I'm glad that you enjoyed it. I wrote Proximity hoping to inspire and educate sailors who are interested in the community.

Chris C. also sent me a note:

"Steve, the book made it into my hands last evening....and, I can't put it down. Are you working on the screenplay, yet?"

Hooya, Chris. You're not the first person to comment that Proximity reads like an action movie. I do hope it finds it way to the silver screen.

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